I need to allow camera access

I denied camera access and now I cannot enter the room.
When I try to enter the room, it asks me to allow ClassDo permission to use my webcam and microphone.

You might have blocked ClassDo or your browser from accessing your camera. Follow the steps below to re-allow your camera. If you like, you can choose to switch off your video once you have entered the room.

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Allow ClassDo permission to access your camera

Google Chrome (Desktop)

From the device test screen or within the virtual room, click the lock icon at the left of the address bar.

Click on the drop-down menu next to Camera and select Allow.

Alternatively, click on Site settings.

Then select Allow beside Camera.

Refresh your browser.

Google Chrome (Mobile)

Tap the  three dots icon at the top right corner, then tap Settings. Scroll down and tap on Site settings, then tap Camera.

There are a few reasons that your camera cannot work in ClassDo. Ensure that camera is allowed in each of these scenarios:

1. Allow camera in Chrome browser settings

Tap on the switch to unblock Camera. 

2. Allow Chrome browser access to device camera

If you see this message "let Chrome access you camera", refer to the steps below under "Allow your browser to access your camera".

3. Allow Classdo.com to access camera

If you see app.classdo.com under the Blocked list of sites, tap on it. Then select Allow.

Refresh your page

 Scroll upwards and tap the  three dots icon, then tap the Refresh button.

Alternatively, keep scrolling upwards even after you reach the top of the page until the refresh symbol appears as shown above.

Allow ClassDo to use your camera

In the device test page or in the virtual room, tap on the camera switch. Click Allow if prompted to give ClassDo permission to use your camera.

Safari (Desktop)

Click on Safari and click Preferences, which are located at the top left corner. Alternatively, you can also use press command + , at the same time.

In Preferences, click on Websites. Then, click on the Camera icon. Enable access for your webcam by clicking Allow.

Refresh your browser.

Safari (Mobile)

On the ClassDo page, tap AA at the left or right side of the website address bar. 

Tap Website Settings. Under "Allow app.classdo.com to access", tap Camera, then tap Allow.

Tap Done.

Refresh the page.

Microsoft Edge (Desktop)

From the device test screen or within the virtual room, click the lock icon at the left of the address bar.

Click on the drop-down menu next to Camera and select Allow.

Refresh your browser.

Allow your browser permission to access your camera

Windows Device (Chrome)

If you are using a Windows device, click on the search box on your taskbar. Type in " Turn off camera access systemwide" and press enter.

Ensure that:

  • Camera access for this device is on.
  • Allow apps to access your camera is on.
  • Allow desktop apps to access your camera is on and includes Google Chrome.

Apple (MacOS) Device (Chrome)

If you are using a macOS device, click the search icon at the top right of your screen to open Spotlight. Type in " Security and Privacy" and select the System Preferences panel.

Click on  Privacy and click Camera. Then, ensure that Google Chrome is checked. If the checkbox is unchecked, click on it to allow Chrome to access your camera.

Android Device (Chrome)

If you are using an android device, open up your phone Settings app. Tap on the search icon at the top left corner. Type in "Chrome" and select Chrome under App Info.

Alternatively, if you see this message under Chrome's site settings, tap on the Android settings link.

Inside Chrome App Info, tap on  Permissions and tap on Camera. Choose the option Allow only while using the app or Allow

Unblocking camera still does not solve the problem? Click here to continue troubleshooting the problem.

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