Add Second Device for Writing/Drawing

There are multiple ways of drawing and writing in the virtual room without having to fumble with your mouse. If the device you are using to video chat does not have a touchscreen, and you do not have specialised hardware such as drawing tablets or styluses, you can connect your existing touchscreen mobile device (such as iPad, Android table, smartphone) to the live collaboration after you've entered the virtual room.

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Start Second Device

Click Tools at the top right corner and click Start Second Device.

If you can only see these first three options under Tools but cannot see the option for Second Device, try  scrolling to the right to find it.


Scan the QR Code

A unique QR code will be generated for you to scan. For iPhone users, please use your phone camera instead. DO NOT use a third party QR code scanner app.

If you are using an Android phone, we recommend downloading this QR Code scanner from the Google Play Store:

Open the link in Chrome browser for Android phones and Safari browser for iPhone/ iPads.


Write and Draw on Your Second Device

You can now write and draw using your second device! All annotations that you make will automatically appear on everyone's screens. 

On your second device, you can see the files and content shared. You can edit documents in sync with your members and will be affected by presentation/collaboration modes, screen sync, etc. 

Note: No videochat function on second device
If you or another room member switch to the videochat tab during the live collaboration, you may see this screen appear on your second device. This is normal as videochat is not available on second device. DO NOT press "Start Videochat" as this will cause you to leave second device mode, or even cut off the videochat on your main device. Use your main device for videochat.


Exit the Room

When you have finished your live collaboration, remember to exit the room on your mobile touchscreen device by opening the menu bar and tapping Exit Room or simply close the tab.

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