Remove Organisation Members

Removing a member from a room will result in that member not being able to access that room anymore, but it does not remove that member from your organisation altogether. That member can still see your organisation in the list of organisations that they are part of, and can be invited into a room in your organisation from the "Existing organisation members" list. To remove a member from your organisation completely, follow the steps below. Note that removing a member from your organisation immediately removes him from all the rooms that he belongs to within your organisation.

Note that you need permission to "See organisation members" as well as "Remove a member from organisation" in order to remove organisation members.


Go To Organisation Members List

At the top left of the left panel, click All members


Select the Member to Remove

Click the role of the member you wish to remove..


Remove the Member

Click Remove.    

If you are sure you want to remove the member from the organisation, click Delete. Otherwise, if you decide not to remove the member, click Cancel.

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