Allow Download of Original Content Files (Desktop)

If you wish to send notes, reports or readings to the members of the room, you can simply upload them into the room under Content and enable them to be downloaded! There is no need to send documents separately, making sure room members always have access to the content when they need it.

In order to enable download for selected content, you must have permission to grant permission to download content. Members who do not have this permission cannot enable download even if they are the original uploader of the content. However, after download is enabled for the content, any member of the room can download it.

Note that only the original uploaded version of the content (including file type and name) will be downloaded i.e. annotations and edits to the content will NOT be downloaded. To download annotations as well, you can download parts of the content as an image file instead.

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Enable Download for Selected Content

Select the content you wish to enable download for. Click the three dots icon at the right side of the screen.

Click Allow Download. A tick mark will be appear when download is enabled.


Download Selected Content

If download has been enabled for the content, click Download to save it to your local device.

If you download an image file, the image may open in a new tab instead of downloading automatically. In this case, right click the image, then select Save image as....

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