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Ready to begin onboarding your teachers/ trainers or adult learners? Send these short set of instructions and our quick start guide to get them started on ClassDo!

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Instructions Template (Email Invitation)

Hi there,

You'd have just received a room invite via email to the ClassDo virtual room hosting the session. Please visit https://classdo.com on Google Chrome (if you are using using Windows, iMAC, MacBook or Android mobile devices), Microsoft Edge (if you are using Windows, iMAC, MacBook or Android mobile devices) or Safari (if you are using iPad/iPhone) and sign up for your free ClassDo account using the same email address. Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer or any other browsers. If you do not have Chrome, download for free from: https://www.google.com/chrome/

Check your email address for the one-time verification code sent to your email, and test your device and internet speed before the session.

As I have invited you via your registered email address, if you sign up using your other email address, you will not be able to access the info session room. If your email address is a Gmail account, you can also sign in with your Google account instead.

Guide on how to sign up for ClassDo:

Troubleshooting if you cannot receive your verification code: 

Guide on how to run the device test:

Guide on how to run your internet speed test:

When you're ready to enter the room, select the  [Room Name] room from the left panel, and click Work with Others

See you online on [date, time]!


Quick Start Guide

For more visual guidance, you can send this quick start guide along with the instructions messages. Note that this guide will also be automatically attached to email invitations. 

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