Get to Know Different Rights of Roles

You can edit the rights of different roles to customise the permissions that members have in your organisation. Giving roles certain rights affects what they can see or do. To help you with allocating the correct rights to a role, this article explain what you can do with each right, with links to their respective detailed step-by-step instruction guides.

In an Organisation

In a Virtual Room

  • Activate live collaboration (videochat) - Enter the room under Work with Others by yourself. Those who do not have this right cannot enter or stay in the room under Work with Others without someone with the right already in the room. They will enter a waiting page instead.
  • Toggle other room members' mic - Mute and unmute other room members.
  • Toggle other room members' camera - Switch off or on other room members' video streams.
  • Switch content/page/view to desk or group, change sync mode - Allows you to enable or disable sync mode in the room, and continue to have control over the room when Sync mode is enabled.
  • Open/close videochat view - Allows the user to open/close videochat view
  • Start screen share without host approval - Start screen sharing without needing your request to be first approved by the room host
  • Create a new tab, switch tab - Open a new tab to call out content from the Room Library or switch to another tab
  • Rename, create/upload any content in the main room without host approval (does not apply to desks and groups) - This allows the member to edit any content inside the main room group's folder
  • Delete tabs - Close any tab to return content to the Room Library
  • Delete any content / sketchpad / typepad / poll / recording - Delete any content in the room, even if you are not the original uploader/ creator. Those who do not have this right can only delete content that they themselves have uploaded/ created.
  • Start a recording - Start and stop recording.
  • Download recordings - Download recordings from the Show Recorded Videos panel.
  • Grant permission to download content - Allow the original uploaded copy of a content file to be downloaded.
  • Manage groups - Create, archive and delete groups.
  • Move between groups (oneself) - Move yourself from one group to another. You cannot move other members, however.
  • Move between groups (other members) - Move other members in the room from one group to another.
  • Send announcement via chat - Allows the member to send notifying messages in chat that shows up as a notification in the virtual room
  • Switch desk - Allows the member to switch to another desk
  • Manage quick polls - Allows the member to create and manage quick polls

Public Chat

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