View Organisation Member Contact Details

As an organisation owner, you can now easily check on ClassDo the mobile number/email address that your organisation/room members' accounts are linked to. This is useful:

  • if you want to contact one of your room members quickly without having to refer back to your admin records separately
  • if the organisation member has ClassDo accounts linked to more than one mobile number/email/mobile number and email, and you need to determine which contact detail he has been invited by to your organisation, or
  • if you need to differentiate between members with the same names in the organisation/room.

Only roles with the "View other organisation members' contact info" permission will be able to see this additional contact information. By default, this permission is only given to all organisation owners, and admins of certain organisation types (where applicable). Organisation owners can choose to assign the permission to other organisation roles, if appropriate.


Grant Permission to the Role (if appropriate)

Under Settings, select Manage Roles.

Select the role you wish to give the permission to.

Check the right to "View other organisation members' contact info".


View Members' Contact Information

You can view your organisation members' contact information at these pages:

a) Room Member List

Click the Members tab to view the room members list. The contact information of each member will be listed below their names.

b) Edit Organisation Members Page

Under Settings, select Edit Organisation Members.

 The contact information of each member will be listed below their names.

c) When Inviting Members to a Room

When creating a new room or inviting new members to an existing room, the contact information of the existing organisation members will be listed below their names.

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