Share a Room Key for Instant Room Access

Allow new members to join an existing room easily and instantly with a room key! 

The keys that have been created for a certain room can be viewed or edited at any time under the room settings. You can also change your organisation settings to customise approval requirements for requests to join rooms through a room key. 

If you want to manage access to your requests, please refer to Manage Access to Room Keys to approve or reject incoming requests.

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Create a New Room Key

Select the room you wish to create a room key for. Click Share Room Keys.

Click Create a New Room Key.


Select Role Given to Key Users

Click to select the organisation role that will be given to members who join the room with this room key. E.g. if Student is selected, a new member who uses the room key will automatically be given the role of Student upon joining.

Note: If the role has the permission to start live collaboration e.g. the default role Admin, a warning will appear. We recommend that members who will be given administrative roles be invited to the room as a safeguard measure, especially if joining with room key does not require manual approval. 

If you wish to continue creating a room key for this role, click Ignore.


 Change Key Name

A name for the room key is automatically generated. Click the field for  Room Key name (optional) to change it.


Set Expiration Duration of Room Key

Select an expiry date and time for the room key. After it expires, it can no longer be used to join the room. Room keys can be regenerated or deleted manually before its expiration, or reactivated after expiring.

Click CREATE`` at the bottom right. (If the button is greyed out, you may have to first dismiss the role warning.)


View Active Room Key Details

To view all currently active room keys for a room, click Share Room Keys.

For all active room keys, a message template will automatically be generated for you to send the key to new members of the room! They can join the room with the room key link, OR join the room with room key words. 

Click the clipboard icon on the right of the message, link or words to quickly copy the message, room key link or room key words respectively.

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