Manage Groups in the Virtual Room

This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors.

Just like how you can split up people in a room into smaller separate teams, you can move members of the virtual room into different breakout groups to discuss and share content and collaborate. Files are not shared across groups and every member of the group can edit content together, making it perfect for team brainstorming or assignments. 

After creating your groups, you can move room members into them and even create custom presets to move members into groups with just a click!

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About Groups

Groups can be thought of as further separate spaces in the room that store content separately, but allows different people to work on them together. Group members can only see other group members' video streams and access the group contents, just like physically moving members to different locations. 

Unlike the room, where only the room host can open tabs to call out content from the library and edit content in Enable Sync mode, every member in the group is automatically given "group leader" status (which can be removed if required) which allows them can open content and edit. 

However, it is important to note that documents in one group cannot be shared to another group or into the room. It can only be handed out to desks. If you want all members of the room to view a group's work, you may have to move all members into that particular group.


Create a New Group

Create a new group instantly by clicking the '+' icon at the top right.

Alternatively, click the Manage groups button at the top right.

Click the '+' icon to create a new group.


Rename Groups

Click the  Manage groups button at the top right.

Click the Additional options button (three dots icon) at the top right corner of the group you wish to rename. 

Select Rename.

Type the new group name into the textbox under Group name.Click Update. If you have decided not to change the group name, click Cancel.


Archiving Groups

If particular groups are currently being unused, you can archive them to make it easier to manage your groups.

Click the  Additional options button (three dots icon) at the top right corner of the group you wish to rename.

Select Archive.

The group will be moved to the Archived Groups list at the far right of the page (you may have to scroll right to view it). All members who were in the group before it was archived will be automatically moved to the Room.


Restore (un-archive) a Group 

To move the group out of the archive, click Restore.


Delete a Group

It is highly recommended to keep groups in the archive instead of deleting them as all content, files and documents saved in that group will also be deleted. Deletion cannot be undone.

Only archived groups can be deleted. Click the Additional options button (three dot icon) of the group in the Archived Groups list.

Select Delete. Make sure that you are prepared to delete all the contents saved in the group permanently. These contents cannot and will not be moved to any other room or saved elsewhere. If you do not want to delete the group, click the 'x' icon at the top right corner of the window to close it.

If you are sure that you want to delete the group, type the group name into the textbox.

After you have typed in the name correctly, click Delete this group and all contents in it.

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