Preset and Start Breakouts with Groups

This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors, trainers, admins.

With groups, conducting dedicated team discussions is easy, seamless and quick. The video streams of members in different groups and the files saved in each group are kept separate, allowing you to work together with a smaller team of room members in a truly collaborative experience. Start by creating new groups in the room.

Splitting into groups is hassle-free with presets, which allows you to pre-allocate members to groups and save as many different types of allocations as you wish. As and when you need, move everyone into their preset groups with just a single click. 

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Moving Between Groups

The current group you are in will be highlighted in white. To move to another group, click the group name.

If there are more than 5 groups, view more groups by clicking the arrow buttons on the right of the groups.


Moving Members into Groups

Click and drag the name of the member (including yourself) that you wish to move to another group. 

The member will be moved into the other group.


Group Presets

a) Create New Presets

After allocating the room members to certain groups, you can save the allocation as a preset. Presets allow you to move all the members instantly to their groups. 

Click Save as new preset.

Type the name of the new preset in the textbox under Preset name. 

Click Save.

The preset will be shown under the Group Presets list. (If it is in dark blue, this means that is the preset which is currently being used.)

b) Using Presets

Just click the preset under Group Presets to send all members of the room into the preset group allocations.

When the preset is being used, it will be shown in dark blue. 

Click Move everyone into Room to quickly return everyone from the different groups back to the room.

c) Editing Presets

Click and drag the name of the member (including yourself) that you wish to move to another group. 

If members are moved while a preset is currently being used, you will have the option to either save it as a new preset, update the current preset or reset the group allocations.

To update the current preset, click Save changes. The current group allocation will be saved under the preset.

If you do not want to change the preset, click Discard changes. The original group allocations of the preset will be restored.

d) Deleting Presets

Click the Additional options button (three dots icon) on the preset you wish to delete.

Select Delete.

If you are sure you wish to delete the preset, click Delete. Otherwise, click Cancel.

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