Upload YouTube Videos in the Content Library (Mobile)

This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors. If you are a general user of ClassDo, please refer to this article.

Web YouTube is a convenient and hassle-free way of watching YouTube videos from within the classroom. Once shared, the video is stored in the room.

If you want to store a video from your device in the room such that other room members can watch it at any time, but do not want it to be publicly available, try uploading it as an unlisted YouTube video.


Add a YouTube Video

Log into ClassDo and click on View Content Library on the room homepage.

Alternatively, you may click on the  three-bar icon located on the top left corner of the room homepage.

Click on  Content Library.

Locate the  room folder to access the contents within the room.

Select the  folder which you would like to add the YouTube video in. Before adding the YouTube, you may want to check if you wish to upload it into the room library or your personal desk. This is just to keep the library more organised for you when you are looking for the files later.

Click on the button located on the bottom right corner.

Select YouTube from the menu.


Enter YouTube URL

Copy the link of the YouTube video that you want to insert in, then paste on the blank.

Lastly, tap  Save.


Play the Video

Press the Play button to begin.

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