Access and Use Desks in the Content Library

This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors. If you are a general user of ClassDo, please refer to this article.

A desk is a separate space that each member of the room has to themselves! Unlike the content stored in the room, only the owner of the desk and those with admin permission can view and edit the content stored in a desk.

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Using the Desks

Maybe in a team brainstorming or sprint session, you may need to jot down your ideas privately before you share with the rest of the team. If you are a teacher, perhaps you want to assign an exercise to all your students to do during the lesson and be able to see what each student is writing on their virtual desk and to provide one-to-one coaching in real time, on-demand or where necessary. Or, you might wish to have your students submit homework to you privately without their individual work being visible to other classmates.

Desks make all of this possible. It is your personal workspace in the virtual room, where you can write your personal copy of notes privately during live collaboration. It acts as a personal storage space for each member, and you can access the content in your desk even if you have moved to a different group. Documents in your desk can be handed out if you want to share them. 

In the content library, all members of the room can access their desk and edit content in their desk. This makes it possible for members of the room to access their personal notes and documents at any time from their desks! As an admin, you can also access all members' desks from the content library.

Accessing the Desks from Content Library

To use this tutorial, you need to be in the Organisation Screen. The associated controls are at the right of the screen. However, you can also access and use desks in the virtual room.

On the room homepage, click on   View Content Library to visit the content library for a particular room. Accessing the content library is free!

Alternatively, you may locate and click on  Content Library on the left sidebar and locate the room folder to access the contents within the room.

Select your   desk folder. You will automatically move into your desk folder, which only you and your teacher can access.

Select the  document which you would like to edit. You can also upload new content to your desk.

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