Move Content Between Groups and Rooms in Content Library

This article is for organisation owners, admins, or members with admin permissions e.g. tutors. If you are a general user of ClassDo, please refer to this article.

Have you been working on a document in one of the room's groups or someone's desk and would like to share your work with everyone in the Main Room? Or maybe you want to assign a particular assignment to a certain group or member. How about moving files into another group after going through them so that you can keep the Main Room folder organized, neat and tidy?

The Move Content between different groups and rooms function allows you to do all of the above easily! And you will keep all your annotations on the content too. 

If you would like to retain a copy of the document in the original location, you can use the Copy function to make copies of the file instead. However, note that some types of content cannot be copied, namely Typepads, Polls and YouTube videos. All of these can only be moved with the Move Content function.

In this article:


Enter the Content Library

From the Organisation Page, choose the room where the content is currently stored in. Click  View Content Library.

Alternatively, click  Content Library at the top left corner of the page.

Click the  folder of the room where the content is.

Click the  folder of the group/desk where the content is.


Select Content to be Moved

Click the Additional Options button (three dots icon) next to the content you wish to move.

Select Move Content from the list.


Select Location to Move to

a) Search for Folder

In the search bar, type in either the name of the folder or the name of the room where the folder is located. (You cannot search both folder name and room name at the same time.)

Click the folder of the group/desk you wish to move the content to.

b) Move Content to a Group/Desk in the Same Room

The menu will show the folders of the groups/ desks in the current room. Select the destination group/desk folder you wish to move the content to, and click Move.

c) Move Content to Different Rooms

Click Content Library.

Click the folder of the room.

Click the folder of the group/desk you wish to move the document to and click Move.

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