Distribute Handouts in the Content Library

Easily distribute individual copies of a PDF/Image or sketchpad to members of the room, just like giving handouts in a physical setting! Once the document has been handed out, the selected members will receive separate copies of the document in their desks, which they can then use and work on individually without being affected by each other.

You can also hand out documents in the room during a live session.

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Enter the Content Library

From the Organisation Page, choose the room where the content is currently stored in. Click View Content Library.

Alternatively, click Content Library at the top left corner of the page.

Click the folder of the room where the content is.

Click the folder of the group/desk where the content is.


Select Document to Hand Out

Click the  Additional Options button (three dots icon) next to the content you wish to hand out. Only PDFs / Images and Sketchpads can be handed out.

Click Hand out.


Select Members to Receive Handout

a) Hand out to all other room members

If you want to distribute copies of the document to every member in the room, select All other members in this room. All other members in the room excluding yourself will receive a copy of the document in each of their desks.

b) Hand out to specific room members only

If you only want specific members of the room to receive the handout, select Specific member(s).

Click the box.

Select the member(s) that you want to hand out the document to from the drop-down list. You can choose more than one member. Only these members will receive a copy of the document in their desks.

You can also search for a particular room member by typing the name of the member into the box.

To remove a member from the list, click the 'x' icon next to the member name. Alternatively, you can also click the 'X' icon at the right side of the box to remove all members from the list.


Hand Out the Document

When you are ready to hand out the document, click Hand out.

A confirmation message will pop up at the top right of your screen after the document has been successfully handed out.

Copies of the document named Document Name (Member Name) will appear in the desks of the members that it was handed out to. 

Members can then edit and view their own copies of the document separately; changes made to their own copy will not be reflected in the original document or other copies and vice versa.

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