My camera does not work

My camera cannot load, what should I do?

Having trouble with seeing yourself in the videoscreen? It may be due to the following reasons:

  • Unsupported/Outdated Browser
  • Outdated Operating System (OS)
  • Other software/application is using your camera
  • Incorrect PC/Browser Configuration for Webcam

For External Webcams:

  • Problems with External Webcam Driver

Or did you mean: my video screen only appears as a black screen to other members in the room

Before you begin

Refresh your ClassDo page. and check if the problem persists.


Check if other software are using the webcam

Other software that are using the webcam, such as Skype, will prevent the browser from using the webcam. Check if other software are currently using the webcam. If you think that another software is using your camera, close the software and reload the ClassDo page.


Check if ClassDo has permissions to use your webcam

Click on the lock icon in the top left of your browser. Ensure that Camera permission is set to Allow. If not, click on the box and select Allow.


Check if Google Chrome has permissions to use your webcam

Ensure that Chrome has permission to access your camera. If you are not sure how to access this settings page, follow the instructions below.

If you are using a macOS device, click the search icon at the top right of your screen to open Spotlight. Type in "Security and Privacy" and select the System Preferences panel.

Click on Privacy and click Camera. Then, ensure that Google Chrome is checked. If the checkbox is unchecked, click on it to allow Chrome to access your camera.

If you are using a Windows device, click on the search box on your taskbar. Type in Turn off camera access systemwide and press enter.


Check your Webcam Configurations

For Integrated Camera

In certain computers, there is a function key button that you need to press to turn the webcam on. For example, for Lenovo laptops, it will be the "F8" key.


Look around your laptop, sometimes there is a toggle switch to turn your webcam on/off.

For External Webcam

You have to first ensure that you have installed a proper external webcam driver prior to entering a live collaboration room. Please check it with your respective webcam retailer.


Check OS and Browser Version

Check if there is an update for your OS or browser. An outdated driver for the webcam may be preventing the browser from recognising the camera.

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