Run Auto Device Test

By default, ClassDo's built-in Device Checker will automatically be launched every time you click Enter Room → Start Live Collaboration on a Room Landing Page. It tests your browser, webcam, microphone and speaker to see if they are working properly, before you start your live virtual collaboration.

The auto device test only starts if you have chosen  Work with others.


Enter Room

To begin, you need to be in the Organisation Screen. If you are not, refer to this article to exit a room. The associated controls are at the right of the screen.

Select the room from the Rooms List on the left panel that you wish to enter to start live collaboration. Click  Work with others.


Browser Test

If you are using either Google Chrome or Safari browser and your browser is up to date, this test will take place automatically. If you are using other browsers, you will be prompted to download Chrome or Safari and log into ClassDo again.


Webcam Test

If the browser prompts you that ClassDo asks to use your camera. You must click Allow to use ClassDo. If you have already blocked it, follow these steps to re-enable your camera.

Click Join room. If you would like to enter the room without your video or audio, you can toggle them off before entering the room.

Next Step:
    Congratulations! You have successfully entered your virtual room. Next, learn about the virtual room
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