Focus Tracking: Track Your Student’s Attention

When a lesson is being conducted in an online classroom, the focus function notifies you if any student is looking at another screen other than the lesson. This is a convenient feature that allows you to see at a glance which student has lost focus.

Under the following circumstances, the 😑 emoji will be displayed for that student.

  • If you are looking at another tab
  • If you are looking in another window (including incognito windows)
  • If you are looking at a different browser
  • You are viewing another software or application
  • If you are minimizing your screen


Only roles with the authority to initiate sessions (e.g., teachers, administrators, etc.) can see the focus. Even if these authorized roles are looking at a different screen, no 😑 emoji will be displayed to the student. Similarly, if the student has lost focus, the 😑 emoji will not be visible to him or to other students.

If the 😑 emoji appears at the side of the student's video thumbnail, it indicates that the student is viewing another screen outside of the lesson.


You can also check it from Manage Classes on the right sidebar. Once you open Manage Classes, scroll to the right and check the Focus column. If you see the 😑 emoji, it means that the student is looking at a different screen outside of the lesson.