Free Trial

Do I need to provide a credit card for the free trial?

No, you do not need to enter any credit card details to kickstart the free trial. The free trial starts automatically when you create your first organisation on ClassDo.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial lasts 14 days from the day you create your organisation.

How do I know when my free trial is ending?

Go to Organisation Settings > Subscription of your organisation on ClassDo. The expiry date of your free trial will be displayed there.

When your free trial has ended, you will also see a notification displayed on your organisation page prompting you to start subscription and register your credit card, so that you can continue using ClassDo for live lessons undisrupted.

What happens when my free trial ends?

You no longer can conduct live sessions and recording in your organisation on ClassDo. To continue using ClassDo for live lessons, please register your credit card and purchase one of our pricing plans.