What is the maximum number of files or maximum file storage I can save in the Library?

Library storage limit is based on number of files. There is no file size limit.

Top-up PlanNumber of Files
Starter Plan
Team Plan
Enterprise Plan

Is the Library accessible anytime?

Yes, you can open files from the Library in the room during a live session. You can also view or work on files in the Library anytime outside of live sessions, at no charge.

What are the supported file types for upload?

You may upload .pptx, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif files.

Are the files downloadable?

By default, all files are not downloadable. If you have permission to enable downloads, you can allow others to download on a file-by-file basis.

Can I create my own folders in the Library?

By default, each room in your organisation comes with:

Folder TypeDescriptionColumn
Main Space
A main folder for files that are shared with all room members
A personal folder for each room member for files that can only be accessed by individual room members and the appointed educator/admin
A folder per team, if you have created Teams for breakouts

You cannot create any other folders beyond these default ones.

How can I organise my files in the Library?

You can add one or more tag(s) to each file in the Library. Compared with traditional folders, you can organise and manage your files more flexibly through multi-tagging. You can also search for relevant files more easily through filtering them by tags.