For Educators

Watch our onboarding videos for educators, and learn all the basics you need in 10 minutes to teach on ClassDo!

The three videos cover:

Before lesson

  • create your organisation and classrooms
  • invite co-educators/students
  • prepare your classrooms for lessons

During lesson

  • share a variety of file types within ClassDo, including PPT. PDF, whiteboard, textpad, YouTube video and poll
  • distribute handouts to all students’ virtual desks
  • allow students to write on/interact with learning materials
  • track and coach students 1-on-1 in a group class

After lesson

  • manage files in the built-in Library
  • receive and mark students’ homework after class

Want to onboard your learners to ClassDo quickly? Send them these quick onboarding guides for learners.

Watch more detailed videos here

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