Viewport Sync - Bring All Learners to My View

There is an easy way to help your room members follow your sharing and annotations on the sketchpad during a live session. Room members are also able to follow each other's annotations easily when working on the same file.

Bring everyone to my view
All members in the room can see exactly where you are annotating, or which section of the file you are currently viewing
Only available to room members with the assigned role permission
Follow someone's view
You can see exactly where the room member you are following are annotating, or which section of the file he or she is currently viewing
Available to all room members

This feature is available only for PDF, PowerPoint, image file or sketchpad in your online classroom.

See how it works in the video below:

1. Click the settings icon next to a file name.


2. You can select either Follow someone’s view or Bring everyone to my view.


3. To finish bringing everyone to my view, click Stop on the right top corner.


To finish following someone’s view, click X button on the right top corner.