What is an Educator Seat?

On ClassDo, Educator Seats determine who can start a live session on their own. An organisation member with an Educator Seat assigned to him or her is able to start a live session on his/her own. This is regardless of his/her role, be it organisation owner, admin, teacher, tutor, or trainer etc. Without an Educator Seat assigned to him/her, he/she will have to wait for another room member with educator seat to start the live session. Please ensure to assign Educator Seats to your relevant organisation members from the Educator Seats page before a live session.

Educator seats are different from roles. Room members with an educator seat can only start live sessions and recording. They will still need the relevant role permissions to switch file tabs, toggle room sync or do other actions. Make sure you’ve assigned them the appropriate roles to perform these actions.

The previous videochat permission on the Roles screen is now replaced by Educator Seats.


If your members (e.g. learners) don’t need to start live sessions on their own, you don’t need to assign educator seats to them. When they enter the online classroom, they will be directed to a waiting room if your live session has not started yet. When someone with an educator seat starts the session, they will automatically join in the online classroom.

🧑‍🏫Assign an educator seat to a member❌Unassign an educator seat from a member🔑Invite Members via a Room Key with Educator Seats