1-on-1 Private Discussion for Group Class

1-on-1 Private Discussion for Group Class

As an educator, you can invite any learner for private discussion or personalised coaching 1-on-1 anytime you wish during a group class, without distracting other learners. You may start the 1-on-1 easily via your learner’s video thumbnail or the Class Management board.


Only roles with the permission to start live sessions (e.g., educators, administrators, etc.) can initiate the 1-on-1 discussion. Learners cannot initiate 1-on-1 discussion with the educator nor other learners in class.

During the 1-on-1, you and your 1-on-1 learner:

  • cannot hear others in the main session
  • can still see others’ live video thumbnails
  • will be automatically unmuted if you had muted your mic in the main session previously
  • will retain your camera ON or OFF state from the main session in the 1-on-1
  • can both turn on/off your camera and mic using the toggle buttons on the top of the right side bar, as usual

Other members in the main session:

  • will not be able to hear your 1-on-1
  • will not be able to see your video and your 1-on-1 learner’s video

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End 1-on-1 discussion