Participatory Learning Resources

Delivering effective participatory learning online is more than just providing interaction via room chat or engagement via a quiz. It is about putting learners at the heart of education and facilitating their learning in a learner-centred environment.

Integrated with tools that are built for participatory learning, ClassDo empowers you to design your curriculum, materials and lesson plans creatively, so that you can keep your learners focused, actively engaged and retain their learning for a longer time. Not only can they work collaboratively on the same assignment, they can also show you their thinking process and learning progress in real time. This helps you give personalised attention and guidance to each individual learner.

Here are some resources to inspire you.


1. How To Make Your Online Lessons More Engaging and Interactive

2. Take the Juggling Act out of Your Teaching

3. When (Screen)Sharing is not Caring

4. Managing and Engaging a Learner-Centric Class

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