Is recording included in every pricing plan?

All our pricing plans provide full access to all features, including recording. You pay for recording only when you use it.

Are recordings saved on my local device or on ClassDo?

They are saved on ClassDo. You can access them from your room folder in the Library anytime.

Is there a cap on total recording storage allowed?

No, there is no cap on the file size per recording and in total.

For how long can recordings be kept on ClassDo?

There is no cap to storage duration for recorded files. You can keep them in your Library for as long as you like, until you decide to delete them.

What is the file format for recordings?

All recordings are saved as .mp4 files.

Are the recordings downloadable?

Everyone can view recordings. But only those with permission to download the recordings - e.g. educators and admins - can do so.

Can all live sessions be auto-recorded?

We do not support auto-recording at the moment. Please turn on recording manually when needed.