Room Sync

You can control the sync among room members' screens, allowing you to design different types of activities to keep your room members engaged.

By default, room sync is enabled when you enter a room. This mode ensures that all members in the room will always be viewing the same content/page in the room, and can be used when:

This is recommended for presentations, lectures, briefings or discussions. Alternatively, individual work where all members are to remain at their desks, and you can visit each desk individually.
Enabling room sync only ensures everyone is viewing the same files. Individual members can still be viewing different parts or sections of the files. To make sure that everyone is viewing the same thing on PDF, PowerPoint, image file or sketchpad, you may wish to switch on viewport sync.

Disabling room sync allows all room members to freely venture around the online classroom without disrupting other room members. This allows them to:

  • move to different files/ view any file that is accessible to them
  • switch between Room and Desk views freely.
This is recommended for times when room members are required to do their individual work without affecting each other, but also need to edit/ refer to files in the room.
Enable room sync Disable room sync